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The Chinese Association of Hercules was established in 1979. Currently, the Association has over 200 family members from Hercules, Pinole, and other nearby cities in the East Bay.
The purpose of the Association is to promote friendship and cooperation among members, foaster an understanding of Chinese culture and traditions, share common interests, and provide a strong voice for Chinese in the communities.
The Association has joined in various civic events, and has organized fund-raising activities, family pot-luck dinners, Christmas parties, and Chinese New Year banquets.
Membership of the Association is open to everyone without regard to ethnicity, or place of residence.

喜家利市華人聯誼會成立于 1979 年,會員至今已超過 200 個家庭,成員大部分來自喜家利及東灣臨近的市鎮。
本會常年活動包括春節聯歡,家庭聚餐,李?旅行團,卡拉 OK ,跳舞晚會,聖誕聯歡晚會,晨運,野餐,太極班,中國舞蹈班,青少年活動,獎學金計劃,生活講座及文化交流會等等。